Sunday, 12 June 2011

HK Airport

Its strange how some parts of flying long-distance never change. Airplane air stil makes me groggy and nauseous. You still always step off the plane a little bit more sniffy than you got on. No matter how much the change the seats around, its still gives you a sore ass to sit still for 12 hours. They still do that weird thing were they turn off the lights in the middle of the flight just to make me sleepy. And as hard as I try, I never seem to snag a nice row of empty seats. Just my luck that in a plane that is 1/3 full, I get a seat in the window slot, so I only have one extra seat.

But I must admit, flying has gotten a whole lot more pleasant in the last few years. They have perfected the in-flight entertainment to a fine art. Everything is completey on-demand, and their array of TV shows and movies is quite impressive, and not just limited to the big American stuff. Obviously the screens will always be small, but thats actually a good thing when its 30cm from your face. I managed to watch almost half of the latest season of House and this awesome British show Miranda, which I was showed some time ago on Youtube (thanks Hannah and Miranda) and is amazing. I think I prefer TV shows on flights, as the uncomfy seats makes my attention span amazingly short.

Food service is dramatically increased as well, although I always enjoyed Cathay Pacific. I managed to get noodles in a cup for a snack, and an honest to goodness APPLE was offered when I rounded past the stewardesses on a walk. It was red delicious, which doesn't taste as good now that I'm over 10, but still. A real apple.

Not particularly looking forward to another long flight. I need to get some serious sleep, as I'm arriving in Rome in the early morning, and if I'm fairly rested I might be able to crack this jetlag shit pretty quickly. Almost wish I had more time in HK, cos they have these amazingly comfy lounger things in a secluded corner of the departure lounge. Very comfy, if I didn't have to get on a plane in about 15 min, I would totally have a nap. This free wi-fi also gives HK an edge over Auckland international, that wanted to charge me $10 for the hour, although they did have some very comfy couches. And cheap fastfood.

All up, flying is definetly not as bad as it used to be. But I"m still holding out for teleportation. Or Concorde Jets. Or Space Travel. Or at least enough money to ride First Class the whole way.

- S.

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  1. Oh. One things I forgot to mention.
    - I love those walking escalators. Totally the most awesome things ever. Big fan. :)

    That is all. You may resume normal programming.

    - S.